Cal State indoor tournaments has grown so much that they now have to run it 2 weekends. The 4th and the 11th weekend of Jan.
I have been asked to help the J.O.A.D. program this past year. So this year I will be taking about 15 of them to states along with my regular group that I have worked with. So I think there will be over 25 that I take to states. God has surely blessed me. I will also compete, and I know that my students love having an instructor that also competes. They give more respect to somebody that can back up his teaching with a shooting ability. Though I am getting older, harder to hold steady, I am shooting mid 280's with a recurve, But I will be very happy if I beet the 270's at Tulare. The lighting is horrible, and for whatever reason, I just don't seem to do my best. Though I don't think my competitors do either. I have won with some low scores that normally wouldn't even place. Still all in all it is a lot of fun just to hang with the parents and students and root for them. And seeing a lot of friends that you don't get to see on a regular basis. We go shopping at the malls there and maybe watch a movie during our off tiime. But the best is the dinner when we all get together. Usually we take up about 35 or more spaces. All the parents and students. Win, lose or draw, I win no matter what. And it is pretty nice to hob knob with some of the pro's also. Most are just regular guys that love to joke around when not on the line.