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Thread: Saddle Hunting

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    like im going to vote for this guy again..

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    LOL ...

    You're voting in Utah?

    I suppose Romney could try for the presidency again,,,

    Think of it this way: Romney was a tree saddle against Obama's antelope hat with a cow suit ....

    And still right-leaning folks couldn't figure out they needed to choose.

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    All this saddle talk has got me thinking about a good old John Wayne western.
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    i remember years ago i had a streak of like 2000 post pretty much it had nothing to do with JB kept trying to ruin my streak of consecative post..funny anyone still in contact with ole JB?

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    my favorite times on here was talking about the Bigfoot crew..moneymaker and his side kicks

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    moneymaker could really let out a howl

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    Moneymaker was in charge of everything

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    i remember when ranea got her new hair done..and everyone was talking about it

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    are Bobo the last couple yrs i watched that show he didnt seem to be in the best of shape

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    i remember now why i wanted the most post counts...because i wanted to beat Bullzi post count..that was a pretty big victory for me

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