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Thread: Saddle Hunting

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    did you guys see Rombney run when the capital got breached as they say? he's supposed be a leader. i never seen a 70 year oldman run so fast

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    it was kind of sad to see are leaders so afraid

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    he could have won the 400 yard dash

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    they should talk about the kid on Hill 58 in the dark when the vietemise attacked.. he didnt run

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    senator blumathol a decorated vietnam hero.. a phony and no one seems to care

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    he's lucky the guy with the minasotoe viking horns on didnt get ahold of him

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    you guys ever watch a track and field event? like the 100 yard dash when they come out of the blocks...thats what senator robney look like..i mean that guy took off...

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    and these are the guys to tell us what to do...just like Guomo

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    i was like ever see a guy running down a hall with just his socks on??? thats what mitt rombney looked like

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    that shows real leader ship

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