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Thread: Point, Click and Ship

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluecat View Post
    I appreciate your input. I think what I need to do this winter is pick a really cold day and go out and shoot a bit at some targets to determine if it's release or loop or me.

    (Scott Wildcat single caliper)
    I see someone has forgotten the first rule of shooting (applies to both firearms and archery). It's always the equipment's fault.

    That said...

    Jon, would something like a graphite lubricant work better at very low temps (assuming that's not already what's being used)?
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    The majority of releases in the past 15 years have greaseless bearings and only use grease in the scissor portion of the hinge. I'd say that graphite lube would be the only type that should be used. I certainly would use any liquid based lubricant.

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