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    As a teenager my best friend’s Dad made his own deer cart out of old ladder stands drilled and bolted together. The axle came off a garden cart he had towed behind his lawn tractor. The wheels were bicycle tires complete with bicycle hand brakes that he rigged to be able to lock. Imagine a rickshaw for deer with a 4-point safety harness attached so you could be hands free at times. That contraption was ugly but effective in the Adirondacks where we used to hunt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swamp Fox View Post
    When I was more regularly hunting in the mountains, I was trying to figure out how to put a brake system on a cart.

    Never got very far with it, but....
    there's a shocker

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    the buck i shot this year went the totally opposite way i wanted it to no spring chicken brotherlaw was cutting his deer in the woods that morning so i had no help... like he was going to be a big help was tough..but fun at the same time, i figured i had all morning.i still got it! the more i dragged it... the better i felt. i told myself i can still do this..

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    it was a pain in the ass!!

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    its funny how dragging a deer out of the woods can be so satisfying but a bitch at the same time..

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    its funny i drug that thing threw thickets and deadfalls out to a trail where i could use a cart ..and then my buddys show up..they all had there hands in there pockets..funny ..o well,,i guess the card games are brotherlaw is the only one that gives an effort.

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    then my buddys ask me why am i so pissed off all the time..

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    i shouldnt bitch to much about my buddys ...once we got it on the cart it was smooth sailing.. they were like this is easy...

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    thats what friends are for....

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