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Thread: Got my deer, finally, pics to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluecat View Post
    Buzzards have to eat too.
    Same as worms.

    Don't go ninja-in' nobody don't need ninja-in'.
    - Diemon Dave

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    Glad you're okay.

    There was a guy nearby who (legend has it) was beheaded when a deer he hit flew over the hood of his pickup, blew through the windshield and crashed the cab window to land in the bed. I can't find it on the innerweb but I'd say it was 15-20 years ago or maybe longer, so possibly it hasn't been archived. However, there's lots of other good beheading stuff going on in the state in modern times, apparently!

    On my way to Camp Swampy one day, I had a tom turkey with an impressive beard almost come through my windshield as it flew across the highway about a mile from camp. I didn't get to notice his spurs, LOL, but that's how you know you're in a good area, I think.

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