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Thread: Parker Concorde auto-cocker

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    Parker Concorde auto-cocker

    Although I have no interest in crossbows (at least not yet) I got an e-mail from Parker Bows today about the Concorde auto-cocking crossbows' prices being (temporarily, according to them) cut by nearly 50% and thought I'd pass that along:

    Although Cabela's still has them listed at their 4-digit prices I've seen them on Amazon and other on-line retailers for as little as $549 w/free shipping.
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    Parker should pay hunters to lug an 11.5 pound arrow launcher around ...

    Business Case Study: New Bow Company Creates Great Buzz In Early 2000's With Competent Compound Bows As Alternative To Market Leader ... Completely Falls Off The Radar Soon Thereafter By Pushing Crossbows.... No One Knows Who They Are By 2010.

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