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Thread: Hello once again

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    Hello once again

    The Old Man2 here. I used to be just plain The Old Man. After I retired last June I sort of lost touch with the forum and have since spaced out my password. The email I registered with before was my work email and that has since been deactivated so I can't ask to reset it. So I guess I'll have to be my second self now. Anyway, I am enjoying retirement, have since moved to be closer to our daughter just 30 miles away, and am impatiently awaiting the birth of our fourth granddaughter who is only 2 days overdue so far.

    Its good to see the familiar posters here. I won't commit to be here much but will be glad to be able to stop in once in a while. Thanks for being here!

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    By "familiar posters" you really mean "the same old knuckleheads", don't you ?

    You're just too polite to say so.

    Welcome back, and good luck with the grandbaby.

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