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Thread: Official Best TV Commercial Thread

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    this is going to be my new purchase this spring, ive been researching..i have my eye on the lifetime king fisher

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    LOL ...

    Do you mean the Sportfisher?

    If you're buying to fish from, I'll just throw out this litle bit of advice:: Buy a kayak designed with fishing in mind, and have it in your head where you want to mount your accessories (including rod holders) and store gear (tackleboxes, bait, lunch) before you make a final decision. No matter what you buy, you're liable to spend a lot of time and some not insignificant money rigging it the way you like, so start with something workable.

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    king fisher sport fisher..there all the same..yes i'll bungee a milk crate in front it already has rod holder maybe bring a bass rod and a panfish rod ..i just need to find a spot to store a 6 pack..

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    i should be able to sneak in the trees with it..

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    i would like to mount a little swivel seat on it,,the skys the limit..

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    a swivel seat and working on my tan, is probally the two most important things..

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