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Thread: Deer Contest for 2017

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    Thanks, on closer inspection I have a Food Saver. I purchased it for 300.00 and treated it like gold. Just does not seal anymore so I'm guessing the heating element croaked. I feel kinda naked without one now. I'm ashamed of my nakedness.
    I write English not so well, but this thin string for sewing or fabric-making my funny wheel getickles. Baron von Schtupp

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    Great looking buck bluecat, I guess you're in the lead, Looks like it was cold, we're just beginning to get some cooler weather here in Tx. Congrats!!!!

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    nice one.. i just got back, had a pretty nice one about 15 yards but couldnt get a week actually kinda cold, alot of rutting going on.

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    Did you do any grunting?

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