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    I have 4 daughters and will have to side with Bob on this one. You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.

    So many times I should have taken a softer approach. What works for teen boys does not necessarily (or probably) work with teen girls.

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    I can see that approach if we're talking the "dumb kid" form of veggie chic...Not to say anyone's kids are dumb out there...LOL.

    There's a point beyond that, though, that I don't think is any different from any other kind of wrong-headedness that one would want to straighten out as soon as possible.

    "Oh, look! They're changing the world."

    "I had a vasectomy so I wouldn't have kids, but when I got home they were still there."
    I don't know who said it, but my understanding is that a lot of people feel his pain, LOL

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    Imagine if every non-vegan citizen was exposed to a positive vegan message every single day"
    Yeah, because listening to it every now and then isn't already annoying enough.

    "was given an opportunity to try vegan food every single month; had access to delicious vegan options whenever they dined out"
    Where does she live that pretty much everyone doesn't already of the "opportunity" to eat produce? I'm pretty sure most restaurant menus include a "salad" section, and most have other meatless options as well.

    She' just another preachy vegan laboring under the delusion that the only reason we don't adopt her "lifestyle" is that we just don't know what vegetables taste like.
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