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Thread: A little crossbow practice for my Daughter....

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    A little crossbow practice for my Daughter....

    .... and it cost Uncle Mike a crossbow bolt!

     photo Nanacrossbow1_n_zps6af5e694.jpg

    So my little girl and I met my Brother and his daughter at the range to shoot his crossbow. I wanted to have her shoot the crossbow to see if she could do well enough to hunt this fall. Well, her first shot was 1 inch above the small piece of tape she was aiming at and within the first 10 shots, she robin-hooded these two with the impact point again within an inch or so of the spot. She did great, I think only one or two bolts would have been marginal hits on a deer. We will practice a few more times but I think she's ready. I can't wait to take her hunting in a couple months!

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    That's great! Good luck to her!

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    Nice! It looks like she's ready Dad.

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